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A startup is a newly established business, usually small, started by one or a group of individuals. What differentiates it from other new businesses is that a startup offers a new product or service that is not being given elsewhere in the same way. The keyword is innovation. The business either develops a new product/ service or redevelops a current product/service into something better.

The registration process of a startup:

  • Incorporate your business: You must first incorporate your business as a Private Limited
  • Company or a Partnership firm or a Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Register with Startup India: Then, the business must be registered as a startup by submitting necessary documents, and those are as follows:
  • A letter of recommendation/support: A letter of recommendation must be submitted along with the registration form.
  • Incorporation/Registration Certificate: Upload the certificate of incorporation of the company/LLP
  • Registration Certificate in case of a partnership
  • Description of the business in brief: A brief description of the innovative nature of the business products/services.

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